Electrical Project Division (EPD)

The scope of EPD SBU consist of design, supply, erection & commissioning of Extra High Voltage Substations & Infra Electrification works.

Extra High Voltage (EHV) Substations

Aster undertakes Design to Commissioning of Substations of ratings upto 400 kV. The scope of the services broadly covers Soil Investigation, Structural Foundations-cum-Construction, Supply and Installation of Equipment, Earth Mats, Cable Duct Runs, Control Rooms, Approach Roads, Culverts, Switch Yards, Fencing, Terminal Bays, Installation and Testing of Power Transformers, Breakers, Isolators, CT/PT, Lightning Arrestors, Control and Relay Panels, Battery Banks, Yard Lights and Air Conditioning of Control Room. Substations constructed by Aster are in use at KPTCL for over two years now.

E-BOP works

Aster undertakes Design to Commissioning of Substations and Switch Yard works of Power Plants. The scope includes HV Substation, Bus Ducts and/or Cable and Connections, Transformers, Generator Circuit-breakers, Excitation Equipment, Power Plant Main, LV/MV Switchgear, LV-MCC Distribution, Switchgear, UPS System, Batteries/Inverters, Diesel Sets, and DCS System/Main Control.

Plant Electrification

Aster is committed to provide Quality Product and Services to the Customers for Plant Electrification services. The Plant Electrification work covers Conceptual studies and detailed Engineering, Electrical Schemes and Single Line Diagrams, Sizing and Selection of Electrical Equipment, Metering and Protection Schemes, Indoor Switch gear distribution Boards and Cubicle, Control, Indication and Alarm Annunciation System, D.C. Control Power Supply Equipment, AC Auxiliary Power Supply Equipment, Optimized solutions for the selection of the plant automation system.

Projects Executed

Aster has constructed substations upto 220 kV voltage level, for various Power utility companies. Our three 220 kV substations & one 132 kV substation has been successfully charged, awaiting commissioning for KPTCL. Six 132/33 kV Bay extension for grid substation constructed for OPTCL. Four substations of 66 kV erected for KPTCL, is in successful use for the last two years.

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