Aster provides Turnkey Project Solutions for TV, FM, Medium Wave, Short Wave and VSAT Network systems. We specialize in Monopoles, High Masts and related turnkey project solutions to meet requirements for Communications, Lighting and Power Transmission and Windmill Towers. Aster also manufactures Tapered Polygonal Poles to meet the Industry requirements. Our designs are certified by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and Structural Engineering Research Centre (SERC).
Towers and Guyed Masts for the applications of Broadcasting, Radar and other Communications
Steel Structures for Railway Electrification works
Supporting Steel Structures for Power Plants and Material handling
Wind Energy / Windmill Towers
Lump Sum Turnkey Projects
Heavy Engineering Fabrication
Octagonal/Polygonal Poles and High masts for Lighting and Sign Boards
Monopoles for Telecom and Transmission
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