Aster manufactures TV and FM Towers of up-to 300m heights

Aster is very adept at providing turnkey solutions including System Design, Fabrication, Supply and Installation of supporting structures for Broadcast and Communication Towers, TV and FM transmitting antennae including Foundation, other Civil works and Antennae systems. While designing the structures, the following factors are taken into account:
  • Location, Terrain and Topography
  • Wind speeds and Loads
  • Equipment, Antennae Loads
  • Snow/Ice Loads, if any
  • Life Span of the Structure
Broadcast and Communication Towers: These are tall structures; an analysis of the static and dynamic effects of the wind becomes very important. Tower members are designed, fabricated and installed as per the International Standards IS 875:1964, IS 800:1984 and IS 802:1984. The sway and the twist in the towers are calculated and maintained within the specified limits.

Medium Wave (MW) Transmitting Towers/Guyed Masts of 40m to 200m Height:Medium Wave Masts rest on a base insulator and are supported with guy ropes. The Guy ropes under tension exhibit non-linear characteristics. The mast is a radiating element and therefore the insulators are introduced in the guy ropes to reduce loss of energy. The mast rests on a base insulator and is free to rotate. Erection of the Medium Wave structure in true vertical position without twist is a challenging job.

Short Wave Transmitting- Towers/Guyed Masts of 75m to 200m Height:The design of Short Wave Transmitting Supporting Towers is similar to MW Towers. Besides they have to withstand loads of accessories such as screen/curtain, antenna, pulley, wrenches, counter weights and supporting structures. The cross arm connecting methods of Screen/Curtain mainly depend on the size of the screen and its accessories.

Radar and Repeater Towers of 50m to 90m Height:Aster can Design, Supply and Install Radar and Repeater tower structures for Vessel Traffic Management System (VTMS). VTMS improves safety and efficiency of marine traffic and safeguards environment.

Towers for other Applications:Aster’s Special Structures for Broadcast and Communication projects has been providing turnkey solutions for supporting structure for Antennae Arrays, Wind Measuring Instruments and Surveillance Cameras.
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